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The Feros Care Young at Heart Seniors Film Festival presented by Palace Cinemas has a new look for 2021!

This year we will present a selected Feros Care Young at Heart film especially curated for film lovers 60+ in each of the following festivals for 2021:
Spanish Film Festival (20 Apr - 16 May)
German Film Festival (25 May - 20 June)
Scandinavian Film Festival (6 July - 4 Aug)
ST. ALi Italian Film Festival (Sept/Oct)
British Film Festival (Oct/Nov)

The Feros Care Young at Heart selected film will feature as part of these festivals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

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Young At Heart Presents


The Icelandic box-office hit comedy! A pair of senior citizens, fed up with the conditions in their retirement home, decide to rob banks so they can afford a small apartment.

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